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How can you be sure you’ve chosen the right women’s workout leggings?

There’s never really a “bad time” for any woman to shape up. Indeed, amid the recent coronavirus lockdowns that have left many of us largely restricted to our homes, maintaining a strong fitness regime might have become even more important this year.  However, to get the best out of your training, you’re likely to appreciate […]

Calling all men: we’ve got you covered for cross training shorts

Cross training shorts have undergone quite the style evolution in recent years. As recently as the early 2000s, men were largely limited to two broad types of training shorts.  They could opt for old-school cotton short shorts or sweatpants, or instead wear the then-popular – although not greatly comfortable – basketball-inspired gear with its extensive […]

6 examples of women’s training gear you may have never realised you needed

You don’t need to have been involved in cross training for long to appreciate just how crucial the right fitness essentials are if you are to attain your exercise goals while also remaining composed and comfortable. Well, when you’re looking to buy women’s training gear online at the right quality and price, you can’t hope […]