How risky is it to train in a gym amid the coronavirus crisis?

It’s been one of the big themes of the past year for committed and more casual fitness enthusiasts alike: recurrent lockdowns forcing our favourite gyms and leisure centres to repeatedly close their doors.  But now, many of us are asking ourselves a somewhat different question: with great numbers of people returning to these environments, just […]

Demand for fitness classes in the UK rebounds – but is an online or offline approach right for you?

One thing that workout enthusiasts across the UK – and at all levels – will be thankful for lately, is the resumption of in-person classes at their favourite gyms, after tough lockdown conditions were gradually lifted. And now, we know something about how eager Britons have been to don their performance apparel and head out […]

5 must-haves in your wardrobe when you are bodybuilding

When it comes to bodybuilding, it is super important that you have the right equipment and bodybuilding gym wear to minimise injury and stress, and to enable you to achieve your fitness goals. The basic principle of bodybuilding, of course, is to undergo strenuous exercise in order to strengthen and enlarge the body.  The weights […]

How can runners get into cross training amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Another day in lockdown UK means another day of having to base your fitness and exercise priorities around quite stringent rules on what we can do with our lives.  Of course, you can’t control the latest restrictions that will dictate whether you can even go to your local gym or leisure centre. What you can […]

How to keep your fitness regime ‘COVID-safe’ during lockdown 3.0

With England currently in the midst of a strict lockdown that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said will last until at least 8th March, and similar restrictions in place across the other UK nations, you might have never had more time to get started with a fitness regime. The real question, however, is whether […]

What should you wear if you want to take up running in 2021?

With leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools across the UK having recently closed en masse once more amid the latest lockdown restrictions, it begs the question of how exactly you are supposed to keep up your exercise regime.  Taking up running could be one option to tide you over until those facilities eventually reopen. Running […]

5 ‘COVID-proof’ lifestyle tips you might not have thought of

With much of the UK once again under tight COVID-19 restrictions – even if there has been a hesitancy to use the term “lockdown” – fitness enthusiasts across the country have again been forced to apply some imagination to their efforts to preserve and enhance their physiques.  Or, of course, you might be launching a […]